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How to Choose Best Answer

User would only be able to choose the best answer if the question is asked from the user it self.

1) If the question if asked by the User, he/she will see the “Tick Mark” option against every answer. To choose the best answer just click on the tick mark.

Best Answer


Note: User would only be able to select one answer as best answer.



How to Vote Up an Answer

A registered User is only able to Vote Up an answer.

1) If the solution of any question given by any user works for you, or you think the solution is correct, you may Vote Up the solution/answer.

2) Up Arrow and Down arrow is used for Vote Up & Down an answer. Just click on the Up arrow to Vote Up any good answer.

Vote Up Answer
Note: User would only be able to Vote Up an answer just one time, but User may be able to vote up all the answers of any question.

Note: I request you to vote up every good answer to encourage the Solution provider.


Best Answer and Vote Up Answer would look like this:





How to Insert Code

There are two difefrent ways to inser the code, one to insert the code with Code button and other is to insert the code with inserting code tags around the code.

1) Insert the code in the description box.



2) Now select the complete code and press the code button highlighted in the red box.



3) You will notice that your code description is now have two tags code tags at the start of the code and at the end of the code.


Once your submit your question, this part of the code will appear in coding java format.


4) The other way to insert the code is to manually insert these code tags around your code.

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