what is the stages of automation of feasibility analysis?

Hi, hope you all in a great health

I just need your opinions for those who have some experience in automated projects

I did a research about automation testing feasibility analysis and what I got is

at the first, we have to decide if we need to automate the project or not

the second point is to decide which module to include in the automation plan

the third is to decide which test cases to automate in the selected modules

all these depend on some attributes and parameters like the size of the project and the life of the project also the frequency of doing the same work

also, technical challenges should be taken into consideration and the skills of the team members within the organization and the application under test

and the ROI is the number one decisive parameter in all of those things

can you please tell me if I’m wrong of one of the above points also if you have more explanation it will be appreciated

also if you have some examples of ROI calculation of an automated project

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