Using selenium webdrivers How to select Particular time from a Time format

1) I want to select particular time from a Time format using selenium Webdrivers  Java
– Hours: 0 to 12
– : Semicolon
– Minutes {0,15,30,45}[]
– : Semicolon
Here, To change any of the above values we have to click either an up arrow button or down arrow button.
Example : let us say time displayed is 2:45:PM.
Now i want to select 8:15:PM
—>> Then i have to click Hours(up arrow button) for 6 times
—>>Minutes(down arrow button) for 2 times
—>> AM/PM(up/down button) for 1 time
NOTE :: Above fields are not displaying in List format(drop down).

Please help me Thank you

Default Asked on May 27, 2018 in Selenium WebDriver.
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