Unable to write script using selenium C#

I am writing a script in C# using selenium webdriver for a web application. once the application navigates to the home page there is “+” and on clicking it, the same breaks down to other option which helps us to navigate to rest of the pages. How to write the script in C# for the “+” symbol.

1)Press F12

2)Click on inspect element and click on ‘+’ button.

3)A tag will be highlighted. and it looks like </img, this tag will be related to the image of + but the functionality tag of + button (which will open the page) will be of the above tag of the highlighted one and it might also have some comments like this will open the page. this tag will be your source for Xpath or by ID.

4)other wise please post a screen shot after inspecting the element. please see that the the above and below tag of the highlighted tag also comes in the screenshot

4 days ago.
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