Unable to run the TestNG through the Terminal on mac for maven project


I have maven project in for the automation scripts, I am able to run the automation script through the eclipse using TestNG but when I tried to run the script from terminal then i got error of Classpath. I have maven project so their is no bin folder for it so how should i set the classpath. My script trigger the Appium and start  the session and run the script when it run through the eclipse. I tried following command on terminal to run the script :

My-mac : java -cp “/Library/Java/Extensions/testng-6.11.jar:/Users/jenkins/Desktop/new_v8/SourceCode/iPadAutong_clients/lib/selenium-support-3.6.0.jar:/Users/jenkins/Desktop/new_v8/SourceCode/iPadAutong_clients/lib/selenium-java-3.6.0.jar:/Users/jenkins/Desktop/new_v8/SourceCode/iPadAutong_api/target/_iPadAutoNg_api-8.1.7.jar:/Users/jenkins/Desktop/new_v8/SourceCode/iPadAutong_ahm/target/_iPadAutoNg_ahm-8.1.7.jar:/Users/jenkins/Desktop/new_v8/SourceCode/iPadAutong_clients/target/_iPadAutomation_Clients-8.1.7.jar” org.testng.TestNG /Users/jenkins/Desktop/new_v8/SourceCode/iPadAutong_clients/suites/programs/EngagementBasedProgram/InitiateEngagementBasedConsultingProgram.xml



Total tests run: 0, Failures: 0, Skips: 0


Default Asked on March 16, 2018 in Appium.
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