Typing too slow in text fields while replaying tests


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Typing data in text fields is too slow while replaying tests.

Following is systems information.

IEDriver – 64 bit

OS – windows7 64 bit

IE10 – 64 bit

Please let me know what is missing from my side and what could be possible solution for this. I tried my test on firefox too.

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    Try these different ways to resolve the issue :1) May be javascript is creating issue, try to disable it during your test and see if helps, use mozilla for now to check the speed, so that we can be sure what is the issue.


    2) Once the IE explorer is launched, stop your script and check if it is launching 64 bit explorer only, sometimes systems store 32 bit as well along with 64.

    3) Use InternetExplorerDriverService to point the temp folder IEDriverServer.exe uses to a different folder.


    Are your facing the same issue on Mozilla as well and are you using send.keys only and are you using webdriver or selenium server.


    Lakshay Sharma

    Professor Answered on August 19, 2014.
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    This issue is because you must be using 64 bit IE driver service. This causes 64 bit IE to be launched while test run. Now 64 bit has this problem of slow send keys because of the issue described here as mentioned by Lakshay earlier.

    Now how to override to 32 bitness? Here is what you have to do
    1. Download 32 bit driver service from http://selenium-release.storage.googleapis.com/index.html
    2. instantiate your InterExplorerWeDriver class using InternetExplorerDriverService class with path to 32 bit driver service.

    This way it will always short circuit to 32 bit service

    Just in case you need to know the exact steps
    InternetExplorerDriver ieDiver =
    new InternetExplorerDriver(“Path to the 32 bit Explorer driver service”);

    Make sure that you build your test for a 32 bit system

    Professor Answered on August 19, 2014.
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