ToolsQA forum much better than Stack Overflow!

I felt obliged to put a posting on here, so that other people may see how useful a site this is.

As I am fairly new to Selenium, I have a lot of questions as I am working through…..some might be deemed to be basic, but you don’t learn unless you ask (in my opinion). On each occassion I have asked a question, Lakshay has responded and given me a great level of information.

Stackoverflow on the other hand…… appears that the moderators who run their site and “help” (i use that word loosely), expect everyone to be blessed with the same level of knowledge as them…..and if they don’t, rather than help, there are arrogant and patrionising responses. Because of not asking the “perfect question(their words!)”, I have been blocked from asking questions on their site.

Because of this I have deleted my account from the site. To be honest it has affected my confidence, in that I am starting to question how much I really do know. Therefore, I just wanted to recommend that people use this site for posting any questions (and indeed using the great tutorials), given that help is always provided. Sadly, using stack overflow,, especially as a beginner, could only result in losing confidence in what you do.

Apologies for this sounding like a rant, but I hope people have picked up on the positive undercurrent!


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    Hi ANdy,

    Many thanks for your KIND words for us.

    ToolsQA is a premature forum for beginners, where as StackOverFlow is run by highly professional people. No doubt they are good but their rules and regulations are strict and difficult to adhere.

    Many users have started answering question on ForumsQA and started helping me in this drive, I am sure if I keep getting this support, ForumsQA will become most valuable forum for Selenium Users.

    Thanks to all.

    Best Regards,
    Lakshay Sharma

    Professor Answered on December 19, 2014.
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