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I am not able to click on any element after doing a right click on selenium(Java). Its just doing a right-click and is not clicking on any of the options like open in new tab…Instead, its just doing a normal click after doing a right click.Can anyone please help me.Below is my code

System.setProperty(“”,”C:\Selenium\chromedriver.exe”); WebDriver wd=new ChromeDriver();

I have tried via context click and move to an element as well but no result.

Thank You


Default Asked on January 19, 2018 in Selenium WebDriver.
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    Hi Hariprasad,

    I tried to reply to your question “Selenium IE Webdriver send slowkeys even though changed to 32Bit”.  But in that question I don’t have option to provide my answer.

    Anyway, please provide the following information.

    1. Are getting the same issue even if you run only IE, instead of parallel execution. As per the question you are trying to do parallel execution.
    2. Are you using windows 10 compatible version of IE driver (32 Bit)
    3. Try to execute a normal login page without any parallel testing.
    4. If possible, share your screen via teamviewer, we can debug the issue , step by step.

    Because, i came across the same issue , which took almost 8 days to solve it . i need to see your set up and then debug it.



    Default Answered on January 24, 2018.
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