Regarding , Reading data from Apache POI in webdriver.

I am using the same code as written on this site, But while reading data from excel , It is coming as BLANK data, Its not reading data, and also not showing any error/warning message.

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    Hi Raghav,

    I am not understanding the reason not to run that code in your system if you follow the same then that should work.
    If your requirement is to read data from excel following set of code will also work :

    public void readXcelData()
    FileInputStream fs = new FileInputStream(“—complete path of your excel file——“);

    Workbook wb = WorkbookFactory.create(fs);
    Sheet s = wb.getSheet(“Records”);
    Row r = s.getRow(1);
    Cell c1 = r.getCell(0);
    String User = c1.getStringCellValue();

    Check this & please let me know if you are finding any difficulty.

    Train Answered on May 17, 2015.
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