Re-posting my question

I have site with AddCart buttons , and have run code like below . But i have  problem in selecting the addcart buttons as explanined Below .

Please suggest common function which i can use to select the addCart button

For Exmaple :

listelements = driver.findElements(By.xpath(“//*[starts-with(@id,’ProductForm_’)]/div[6]/input”)); –> Here I will get the Three AddKart Buttons with Index of 1,2,3 .

Please suggest . Attaching the ScreenShot

Re-posting my question

But This solution will  work , But refer the below screen shot it fails to identify the  AddCART Button

Re-posting my question

The Reason it was failed because of the div id change : .//*[@id=’ProductForm_106′]/div[8]/input –> here id of div is 8 Instead of 6 which worked for other two AddCART buttons in the screen shot .

Question is how do we now identify even with dynamic div change ?

Appreciate your help

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    Can you paste or attach the DOM , one quick solution i could think of is to remove the div at all and try to use //input

    Mean while can you try this locator //*[starts-with(@id,’ProductForm_’)]//input , it should select all the input elements inside you product form

    Supporter Answered on December 29, 2014.
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