Page Object Model- pagefactory initelements() C# – Issue

-> I have created a Refresh() method which includes pagefactory initelements() in super page class and am inheriting this class to child page classee

->  I’ am declaring the page elements in child page classes by using findsby

-> Issue is while am calling refresh method using object of the child page class, if any declared page element is not available in that page am getting element could not found exception at refresh() method. my doubt is the pagefactory initelements() will initialize the page elements or it will check whether the page element is available or not

Note: The issue happening after updated the webdriver to 2.46 version, am not getting this issue in 2.44 version ,  am using C# webdriver dll’s

please advice me


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    Can you please show us some code? That way it will be more helpful

    Professor Answered on June 29, 2015.
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