Object creation in Factory Design for Parallel Test

Hi ,

I have question related to Factory Design Patter .

In Cons Section of Factory Design Pattern , you have mentioned that :

 A few modifications in this class and it will become capable of handling parallel requests. We will learn about it in  coming articles on design principles in test frameworks.

Can you help me out with the Modifications that has to make to ensure that factory design patter works for Parallel Test too ?


I want to run My Test Parrallely , but due to singleton patter used and factory design pattern , i am having trouble running my test parallely


Awaiting your reply

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    I am also really interested in the answer for this. I have googled a lot, asked our developers, tried some different stuff but unable to get it work.  As the amunt of test cases grow, we must be able to execute the tests in parallell and i think the solution with the browser factory is really good, but it must be able to handle parallell execution.

    Looking forward to your reply to this!

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