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Hello Everyone,

First of all I am extremely sorry for asking you this silly help, but I am totally new for manual testing. Your help can tag me in project as a manual tester which is really helpful to me and my family. So please if possible give some time for me from your valuable and precious time.  I have to done in next 10 days. 

I got assignment for tagging in project if i completed I will be otherwise no. :-(.

I need help on below topics.

  1. Effective Test case design & execution on (Amazon log in, buy product, make payment & product return). I tried but not getting how to write scenario and cases on it as i am new for testing.
  2. Understanding of project requirements in-depth (what should i  prepare for it?)
  3. Clarity in communication (What exact mean of it in testing field)

I done with Defect life cycle from here only. Now looking for Agile-Scrum in easy language like used on this web site. It is really really very helpful.

Thanks a ton in advance

Thanks & Regards




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    It’s pretty difficult to teach someone to test in only a few days as it needs the right way of thinking and actual experience, and I don’t quite understand your question about tagging.  Have you tested anything before? ie on crowd testing websites? What is your previous experience – is it in software? are you an SME? Are you a student?

    On your points

    1) Why not write up a few test cases here and let people assess how you go about doing it and then give you some pointers.  There are also different ways of thinking about testing. System testing vs UAT testing. If you’re system testing you’re going to be testing if you can put numbers in text only fields. If you’re UAT testing then you’re going to be checking that as a user you can fulfill your end to end journey on a happy path, but also consider what potential unhappy paths might be and write test cases for those.

    2) You can’t prepare for project requirements. You can only read them, understand them and test around them positively and negatively.

    3) clarity of communication – well if you’re planning to communicate in English and potentially work internationally you’re going to need to work on that. I am English (and have managed UK and Indian teams) and I am not entirely clear on what it is you need based on your original post.  So work on your English to start with and the rest should follow.

    I hope that helps

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