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Hi there,

I’m looking into implementing a keyword driven selenium framework for our test team, I’ve read your tutorials and the concept make sense to me as we have range of knowledge in our test team. Eventually I would also like business users to be able create and run tests.

However, I’m concerned around how the versioning would work if tests were executed from an excel spreadsheet.
– What happens if there is more than one tester required to work on the same module?
– What is the best way to structure the excel spreadsheet to cover modules and┬ápages where module could contain multiple pages when multiple people could be working on an area.
– What happens if a page is available across modules? E.g. a qualifications form could be part of the training module or part of the health and safety module (like first aid certs)
– How easy will the spreadsheets be to maintain? for instance, if I need to add new action keywords in the code, I will also need to add them into the spreadsheet. This is double up of work, is there a way to avoid this by automating it somehow?



Default Asked on August 16, 2016 in Software Testing.
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