Jmeter recording over mobile, stopped internet over phone, untill disable jmeter wifi configurations

am following steps as follows, after doing setting internet connection disconnected.
1. create recording sampler in Jmeter
2. set port to 8181 ( test script recorder)
3. click start
4. click ok
5. send jmeter certificate to Iphone via email
6. download certificate on phone
7. iphone settings-> wifi setting
8. http proxy-> 8181 port and IP as my system IP
9. and start using my app

Internet not working on my phone please correct me of I am doing anything wrong

Default Asked on February 13, 2019 in Software Testing.
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    At first glance, you are doing everything right. I myself always use the mobile Internet, as I practice litecoin gambling. Usually, I had no problems with the settings. What are your model and brand? Maybe you should contact their support. In any case, the most extreme way is to install a new firmware.

    Default Answered on April 3, 2019.
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