Issue with extent report with gradle, cucumber-spring

Hi ,

For our project, we are using cucumber-spring framework. I am able to execute the project and all the scripts are executed successfully but no extent report is generated. Please help me to find out what is missing in this and why the report is not generated

We are using Gradle as build tool and Intellij as Editor.

compile ‘com.sitture:cucumber-jvm-extentreport:3.1.0’ have added under the dependency
classpath “com.sitture:cucumber-jvm-extentreport:3.1.0” as classpath

Have added extent-config.xml under src->resources folder
Have added plugin as
@cucumberoptions(features = “classpath:features”, glue = “”,
plugin = “com.sitture.ExtentFormatter:/build/reports/cucumber/extent-report/extent.html”)
Under the Runner class

ExtentReporter.setConfig(new File(“/src/test/resources/extent-config.xml”));

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