Is it possible to run Selenium grid tests on Node machine without providing user name?

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Is it possible to run selenium grid tests without giving user name of node machine to run tests?



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    Selenium Grid allows us to execute our tests in multiple machines (physical / virtual) and multiple browsers with different versions, which dramatically speeds up test execution and helps in reducing total amount of time required for test execution.

    For example, if we have a script that takes 100 minutes to execute sequentially , we could break that down to 10 short tests script run across 10 machines, and can complete them in 10 minutes without copying your test code to the other machine.

    To get started with Selenium Grid, make sure you have Java installed and configured it and For selenium, you need to download selenium server and place it in a directory. Get Selenium Training to get indepth knowledge.

    Selenium Grid hub/node can be configured in 2 different ways, one is by specifying command line parameters, and the other way is by specifying a JSON config file.

    A grid consists of a single hub, and one or more nodes, Hub and Node are the two main elements that you come across when using grid

    Hub the Hub is the central point which will receive all the test requests along with information on which browser, platform (i.e. WINDOWS, LINUX, etc) and where the test should be run. Based on the request received, it will distribute them to the registered nodes.

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    Here my question,  while running tests on node machine from Hub. Do i need to specify any User name of Node machine?

    on January 25, 2018.
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