If methods M3 is dependent on M1, M2 and m1 fails will M3 exceute? How will you ensure even if m1 fails M3 still executes?

Hi ,


I am new to testing . Please help me.

Train Asked on April 12, 2017 in Software Testing.
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    It depends on how your flow is, m3 may be dependent on m1 but if you have handled the exceptions, even after m1 fails the control may come to m3 and execute… you can always put try catch ..which is efficient in these conditions.

    These are all conditional, it actually depends on your flow and how you handle the negative scenarios in your scripts.

    Please feel free to clarify further. If you could specify the test scenario i could try to reproduce it and give you the solution you are looking for. theoretical explanations are rather difficult in these situations. 🙂

    Supporter Answered on April 13, 2017.
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