I have written codes that works in Firefox. How do I get them to work in IE and CHrome without rewritting all. I learn’t there is an interface that can be implemented to do that. Help is greatly appreciated.



jbfannie Train Asked on December 10, 2014 in Selenium WebDriver.
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Here I am writing 2 lines of code to execute all your scripts in both IE & Chrome.

//System.setProperty(“webdriver.ie.driver”, “Path of your IE server exe file”);
System.setProperty(“webdriver.ie.driver”, “D:/Drivers/InternetExplorerDriver.exe”);
WebDriver driver=new InternetExplorerDriver();

//System.setProperty(“webdriver.chrome.driver”, “Path of yourChrome server exe file”);
System.setProperty(“webdriver.chrome.driver”, “D:/Drivers/ChromeDriver.exe”);
WebDriver driver=new ChromeDriver();

If you add these lines in your code instead of FirefoxDriver, its working fine.
Thanks & Regards

samba Train Answered on December 11, 2014.
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