I cannot get sendKeys Enter or Return or a simple .click to work on a button

OS: Windows 8
Selenium Version: 2.53.0
Browser: Internet Explorer
Browser Version: 11.0.9600.18321

Expected Behavior – I expect the login button to be clicked when using sendKeys Return/Enter or using .click


Actual Behavior – Page refreshes


Steps to reproduce –

Here is a snippet of the code, firstly let me apologize if this is a coding issue as I am new to Selenium and Java but I would expect the login button to be clicked but the page just refreshes, I have tried sendKeys(Keys.Return) as well as a simple .click(). I also perform a negative test where the username and password are incorrect and this seems to work as it shows the expected incorrect username and password warning in the application. I have also attempted different ways of identifying the element with the .click() method but to no avail.
I should also state that when clicked manually the user is logged into the application.
Pom Class file:
//Set user name in textbox
public void setusername(String strusername){
//Set password in password textbox
public void setpassword(String strpassword){
//Click Login button
public void clickLogin(){
public void loginToApplication(String strusername, String strpassword){
//Fill user name
//Fill password
//Click Login button
This is then called in the Test Class file:
//Log into the application

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    I have pinned this down to an application issue as it works against a different version of the application with the same configuration, browser, OS, etc.

    Default Answered on May 19, 2016.
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