i am getting “Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NullPointerException” error in code present below.

package executionEngine;

import java.lang.reflect.Method;

import utility.ExcelUtils;
import config.ActionKeywords;

public class DriverScript1 {

//This is a class object, declared as ‘public static’
//So that it can be used outside the scope of main[] method
public static ActionKeywords actionKeywords;
public static String sActionKeyword;
//This is reflection class object, declared as ‘public static’
//So that it can be used outside the scope of main[] method
public static Method method[];

//Here we are instantiating a new object of class ‘ActionKeywords’
public DriverScript1() throws NoSuchMethodException, SecurityException{
actionKeywords = new ActionKeywords();
//This will load all the methods of the class ‘ActionKeywords’ in it.
//It will be like array of method, use the break point here and do the watch
method = actionKeywords.getClass().getMethods();

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

//Declaring the path of the Excel file with the name of the Excel file
String sPath = “F://Selenium//SeleniumJavaCode//saturday//src//dataEngine//DataEngine.xlsx”;

//Here we are passing the Excel path and SheetName to connect with the Excel file
//This method was created in the last chapter of ‘Set up Data Engine’
ExcelUtils.setExcelFile(sPath, “Test Steps”);

//Hard coded values are used for Excel row & columns for now
//In later chapters we will use these hard coded value much efficiently
//This is the loop for reading the values of the column 3 (Action Keyword) row by row
//It means this loop will execute all the steps mentioned for the test case in Test Steps sheet
for (int iRow = 1;iRow <= 9;iRow++){
//This to get the value of column Action Keyword from the excel
sActionKeyword = ExcelUtils.getCellData(iRow, 3);
//A new separate method is created with the name ‘execute_Actions’
//You will find this method below of the this test
//So this statement is doing nothing but calling that piece of code to execute

//This method contains the code to perform some action
//As it is completely different set of logic, which revolves around the action only,
//It makes sense to keep it separate from the main driver script
//This is to execute test step (Action)
private static void execute_Actions() throws Exception {
//This is a loop which will run for the number of actions in the Action Keyword class
//method variable contain all the method and method.length returns the total number of methods
for(int i = 0;i < method.length;i++){
//This is now comparing the method name with the ActionKeyword value got from excel
//In case of match found, it will execute the matched method
//Once any method is executed, this break statement will take the flow outside of for loop

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