How to perform for this Sql Server Query

In advertisement company, how several persons apply specific advertisement type specific state how will accomplish for this probe
I required output this
Advertisement State Apply supporter
U.A.E Paper Dubai count here
Walking abu Dhabi
News Sharjha
Friends ajman
here how many members in Dubai for
advertisement U.A.E paper, walking, news, friends separately count in each state
individually count I mention below query

create table advlist
aid int primary key identity(1,1),
aname nvarchar(100)

insert into advlist values (‘Dubai’),(‘Walking’),(‘News’),(‘Friends’)

create table advstate
stid int primary key identity(1,1),
stname nvarchar(100)

insert into advstate values (‘Dubai’),(‘abu Dhabi’),(‘Sharjha’),(‘Ajman’)

create table advapply
apid int primary key identity(1,1),
apname nvarchar(100),
apmemberid int,
aid int
insert into advapply values (‘John-A’,1,1),(‘Rufals-A’,2,1),(‘Watson-A’,1,2),(‘morries-A’,1,3)

create table advpersonal
apeid int primary key identity(1,1),
apemember nvarchar(50),
stid int

insert into advpersonal values (‘John’,1),(‘Rufals’,2),(‘Watson’,1),(‘morries’,1)

Is there any software developer who can guide me in it!

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