How to automate the buttons with same class and actions in selenium webdriver?

e.x  sintaxs first button is:
<button class=”btn bid-hotel-btn” type=”button” onclick=”buyNow(0,false)”>Beli Sekarang</button>
and the second button is:<button class=”btn bid-hotel-btn” type=”button” onclick=”buyNow(1,false)”>Beli Sekarang</button>

the difference is only the onlick event on HTML. and I want automatically click one button everytime I automate the website. Thanks

fhrara Default Asked on July 18, 2016 in Selenium WebDriver.
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Hi Fhrara,

First try to get the parent element for the same and then try acting on the child element. For ex;


Please correct the syntax, if it is wrong.

Lakshay Sharma

xLov3rDns Professor Answered on July 19, 2016.
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These two should work..

jasonw Train Answered on July 25, 2016.
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