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I am working Automation in Selenium, I have to automate on registration Page and this Page contains a Google Image captcha which is a mandatory field , Can you please let me know how to skip the field to complete my script to automate or any other possible way to achieve it.

Professor Asked on December 1, 2014 in Selenium WebDriver.
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    The purpose of captcha is to prevent automated attacks.

    1.       The best way to deal with captcha is to disable captcha in test environment. Run your automated test and enable again. If this is not feasible, read further.
    2.       However, Captchas can be automated if we are able to decode the image using OCR(Optical character recognition tools). This would still require expert level image pattern mapping and writing a complex algorithm to sort out the image pattern.
    3.       Another solution for automated testing of captcha is to make a back door entry. This would need an application code change (however, only dev team can tell if it is at all feasible for Google CAPTCHA).

    Make the captcha so it will always accept two inputs. The first is the randomly generated string we present to the user and the other is a secret back door value. So if you input the secret backdoor key it is always accepted. If you hard code the key there is a the danger it will get out to the public.  If the developers can make the secret key a configurable value, one just needs to edit the configuration file to change the key.

    Also note that ideally any captcha back door is only enabled in a test environment, and there should be a test that is run in production after each install to verify that it is disabled there.

    Professor Answered on December 1, 2014.
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    Yes I have also tried hard to automate image captcha tried lot using Aspire OCR dll file

    But I reached to conclusion that may be paid version of this DLL can work on automating captha

    RE: How to automate Image Captcha

    RE: How to automate Image Captcha

    RE: How to automate Image Captcha

    RE: How to automate Image Captcha

    Supporter Answered on March 11, 2015.
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    Text From Image After Aspire OCR read it:



    nklINC rO CR – B60

    dloCR 80YB – 70D

    IRIS 8 ClR BO lB – 8 OO



    rklBRkl 7HlJK YOU Ml’ll – l1s

    llmna J!!Ice. Pine,:%Ir JIiice. Yin;mJi icp, ( renm

    vJRoTn’coL u  – l s

    VineapµIp J!iicp, Ci! am. r,; rIJiI!:; l r ;;!ni

    OU?Vl MlRY – l76

    (:unva Ju;ee. ‘f:Il;asro. Worcei ;enl;;rL  hnIIcc. Sall. l’ep!;8r, l.;n;r JiI;n

    8LUE8ERRY LElOJluE – I76

    Blu;!b! r?. li;nr W g Lt. S;;ri!r. Sn!la, Mi;!I. S;;yar

    VI R0I N l 0J Il0 – l15

    li;!;I  Wt%g   . M!!iI. Su8,;r. Soda, S! ri;L

    SlrC SEK OJ T8E B6?CB – I75

    On;iy8 J;;icy. l nnbrr? Ju;n. YI;.:! t: S! r: !!. l,i;i;r

    rOIr C8lPllJ – I1s

    (|uc;!mh; r. Or, ngI  ( l.!;nk . It !nn!I, tpnIe .

    hn8m;;!rn BI!ipn. llrnnh? l jrd:il


    NoN-gLCoaOLIC BNEggoE

    l 0l8 8 I SPRI JO %lTER – I 00

    CneR0Y DRIlKS – l16

    BOYrlCD WkTER – 75

    lONIC %lrER – lOO

    OlJOER lLE – IOO

    HER?ED ICED TEl – 100

    rRCSY LIlC%lrE?l50Dl – 16

    PlC llO E D CRUIY ? UI C E5 – 7 6

    COYYEElrel – 7B

    ?EBllCo BEyERlOlS – 15


    Length of total text : 977

    Supporter Answered on March 11, 2015.
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