How do i get the Magic mouse value

<div id=”default_products_page_container>

<div class=”product_views group>

<div class=”wpsc_page_numbers_top> </div>

<div class=”default_product_display product_view_40 iphones group>

<div id=”imagecol_40 class=”imagecol>

<div class=”productcol>

<h2 class=”prodtitle>

<div class=”wpsc_description>

<form class=”product_form_ajax group name=”product_40 method=”post action=” enctype=”multipart/form-data>

<input type=”hidden name=”wpsc_ajax_action value=”add_to_cart>
<input type=”hidden name=”product_id value=”40>

<div class=”wpsc_product_price>

<span class=”wpscsmall pricefloatright pricedisplay>


<p class=”pricedisplay_oldprice product_40>

<span class=”oldprice old_product_price_40>$200.00</span>
<span class=”currentprice pricedisplay product_price_40>$150.00</span>

<p class=”pricedisplay_save product_40>


<div class=”wpsc_buy_button_container group>

<div class=”entry-utility wpsc_product_utility> </div>

<div class=”product_rating 40>

<ul class=”social group>


My code :driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//*[@id=’default_products_page_container’]/div[3]/div[2]/form/div[1]/p[1]/span[2]”));

Output is getting like :

Element is not currently visible and so may not be interacted with
Command duration or timeout: 10.04 seconds

Default Asked on February 23, 2015 in Selenium WebDriver.
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