How do I change the version of Firefox I am using with Webdriver?

I have converted a number of tests from Selenium IDE to Webdriver and although they work the version of Firefox that launches is 11 and it always goes to a third party page prior to going to the page I am testing.  I would like to change this to version 33.0 which is the current version that I use for my testing, but I have been unable to figure out a solution so far. My OS is Windows 7 and I am using Selenium WebDriver version 2.44.

Default Asked on November 17, 2014 in Selenium WebDriver.

Could you please show us the code where you are calling the browser because I don’t think there is a option in webdriver where you can call any particular version of any browser

on November 20, 2014.
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    you can download the Firefox version .

    Default Answered on November 21, 2014.
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