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1. Easy way to find web-elements on IE browser by X-Path..??
2. Ho to automate windows Application except Robot Class.??

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Windows applications can be automated using Auto It Tool


Easiest way :

1.Finding Xpath in IE browser by writing xpath from firefox and re-using for IE browser
Step #1: For creating Xpath in Developer tool, open the console tab.

Step #2: Type the created Xpath and enclose it in $x(“//input[@id=’Email’]”)

Selenium script 3

Step #3: Press the enter key to see all the matching HTML elements with the specified Xpath. In our case, there is only one matching HTML element. Hover on that HTML element and the corresponding web element would be highlighted on the web page.

Selenium script 4

In this way, all the Xpaths can be created and checked for their validity within the console

Bheem Reddy Supporter Answered on August 9, 2015.
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