Handling Known Failure in Test Framework

Hi Guys & Tech-Gurus,

I’m currently working on a spike to – start marking/highlighting known failures in tests ran using Cucumber-JVM [Java selenium environment]. We currently use Masterthought plugin on top of standard Cucumber generated reports [ But will be open for any other open-source plugin or rely on standard Cucumber (JSON/JavaScript/XML/HTML) report ]

( This will be something similar to team city’s Mute facility but rather a bespoke solution )

  1. We are planning to maintain our own small dB or properties file, which will contain test case reference of known failures
  2. From next test run onwards, I want my Cucumber test report to highlight or at least have a some sort of column / flag in the report which could highlight about a Known failures (from above referred mapping in Step-1), if same test case fails again.

Could you please share any thoughts on how to implement this Known failure functionality?

How can we manipulate Cucumber runner & output?

If we manage to change the Cucumber output for example – JSON / XML output file, then will any external reporting plugin like- MasterThought be able to pick up the change.

Kindly provide your valuable experience on any similar effort.

Many thanks

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