From 5 days i tried to select date from kendo calendar using selenium web driver. But bad luck, unable to do so. Please any one could help me out?

In my application there is  a calendar  icon. When i click on it, calendar is open.
Now i wanted to select two days after todays date. How can i do this?

Please look into these links url 🙂 may you will get the solution.

Without code or sample application, etc can’t guess what type of issue you are facing. So please provide the details.

As per your above query the simple answer is: you are using wrong identifier/locator, so it is not identifying the date and performing action on that.

on May 9, 2015.
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    you can execute following javascript. Just give the dates that you want to be selected

    driver.executeJavaScript(“$(‘calendar’).kendoCalendar({ value: new Date(2012, 0, 1) })”;


    Professor Answered on May 14, 2015.
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