Flash Automation using Sikuli

Hi Friends
need help on following
I am working on a web-based application having mix of HTML and Flash
i have automated my module and it is working on my pc screen; but when i am running it in my laptop, having small screens 14-15 inches the script fails, I am using sikuli to automate
so I have basically 3 doubts
1. Is there any-way as by using sikuli; I can maintain the script to run in both screens as tomorrow it may fail for some other screen
2. Substitute for
sikuli; Because it looks more of a temporary as a temporary tool with not much of future prespects; I used Sikuli because I had to automate flash
3. Best way to automate flash using selenium web driver.

Any leads would be helpful in this regard.

Default Asked on April 11, 2018 in Selenium WebDriver.
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