find element and extract text to excel

Searching for selenium webdriver I came to this forum. I am trying to extract a texte from an element already tried several forms including with XPath but without result. Following this post I did the Add installation and found this link that does not look like XPath: / html / body / div [@ id = ‘container’] / div [@ id = ‘page’] / div [@ id =’DivideDiv ‘] / div [@ id =’ProviderPrograms’] / form [@ id =’ProviderPrograms’] / tbody [@ id = ‘tbodyrow’] / tr [@ class = ‘odd’] [1] / td [2] / a

that results nexte text: 2220120180103

Can I use this text link I want to extract in selenium webdriver? What would be the correct form?

Thank you for your attention,


Default Asked on June 3, 2018 in Selenium WebDriver.
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