Doubt: Am going to start drafting automation test scenarios using selenium IDE for an e-commerce sites

Before that , can u give me some valuable inputs ,what else we can automate in e-commerce site . any links are points will be helpful for me..

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    Validations :

    1. Validate the end to end flow.
    2. Try both registered and guest Users
    3. Validate the payment types
    4. Validate the Quantity to price mapping tests
    5.Validate the different set of fullfillmets
    6.Validate the Image zoomer or Image view in the product pages
    7.Validate the Wallet coupons or registered user coupons etc.

    Let us know if this is help full

    Supporter Answered on August 9, 2015.

    Thanks lot…

    on August 10, 2015.
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