I am able to identify the exact locator using xpath.But when i try to click it throws
“Element is currently not visible”

This is the div

<div class=”beatpicker beatpicker style=”display: none;>
<div class=”header>
<div class=”days>
<ul class=”days-cell-parent cell-parent>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>30</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>31</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>1</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>2</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell notable-today today-box>3</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell selected selected-date>4</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>5</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>6</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>7</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>8</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>9</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>10</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>11</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>12</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>13</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>14</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>15</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>16</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>17</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>18</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>19</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>20</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>21</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>22</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>23</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>24</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>25</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>26</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>27</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>28</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>29</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell>30</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>1</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>2</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>3</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>4</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>5</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>6</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>7</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>8</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>9</li>
<li class=”days-cell cell not-notable>10</li>
siva2221 Default Asked on November 3, 2016 in Selenium WebDriver.
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