Create issue in JIRA using Selenium Webdriver

i tried to create a issue using selenium web driver.

Issue:  After logged into JIRA, the webdriver is not clicking on the Plus button and projects button in the left side pane.

Anyone help me from this issue.

Thanks in Advance

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    Jira isn’t precisely a TCM (Test Case Manager) application, however it’s positively conceivable to track tests utilizing Jira. The fact of the matter being, you’d likely be looking at a considerable lot of custom code work endeavoring to get test dispatch/booking abilities integrated. You’d be obviously better off utilizing something like Jenkins or Team City. To get comes about over into Jira, you’d require two things. In the first place up is a test framework. TestNG is an incredible counterpart for Selenium, as is JUnit, accepting you’re utilizing the Java language binding. Notwithstanding language, in any case, you will require a test framework close by Selenium. I’m uncertain of any library off the highest point of my head that integrates a test framework into Jira, so there might be some custom code required to catch the consequence of an automated test and hand-off those outcomes into Jira, which is the second required thing. As @Helping Hands said, their REST API is likely a decent place to start. To getting more information you can use this best essay writing service to have a right assistant your writing related works.

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