Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Maven and Git with Selenium TestNG


I have configured Jenkins with Maven of a Selenium TestNG project and able to build successfully.

But, as a continuous integration process, once the development build happens, automatically SeleniumTestNG process should happen, right? Currently, I’m running the build from Jenkins manually.

Appreciate if any idea thrown in configuring to run the Testing build automatically when dev project build happens. Also, configuring the gmail emails successfully in it and storing it in GitHub.



First, you are configuring selenium+jenkins – this is correct but your dev team is not deploying the code in jenkins correct? then how your job will run? (Without triggering the build?).

Second, your dev team using git for version control tool (I think). So you need to configure selenium+git+jenkins. You have to configure git location in jenkins and when it will trigger any commit then your selenium scripts will run from jenkins.


on August 23, 2016.
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