Company Video Report, Make a Corporate Video Report

“The story, is a journalistic genre that consists of the narration of events or news, in this genre, events of public interest are explained, with words, images and videos from a current perspective, these videos are longer than the news and many Sometimes they are accompanied by interviews or testimonies”

Unlike corporate video, the filming of a company report is done to show facts or stories that have occurred in the companies or lived by people and related to corporate activity. It is explained by voice, texts, images and music, structured under a script.

The recording of a video in news format is not as expensive as some think and it is a content that, if it is of quality, if it is useful or entertaining, contributes to improving the online presence and visibility of the brand.

To present a company, to show a product or a service, may have an interest, but by telling a story, the user is better reached and remembered better. A story, a story with a current perspective on a brand and preferably with testimonies filmed by people contributes to the approach of the brand, to create a human image and proximity.

Stories of the type: the historical evolution since its foundation, development of its offer, stories in the penetration in new markets. Even company events, or participation in professional fairs, which often represent a remarkable investment and by registering them we can give them more performance. In addition, one constitutes a thread of what we want to show the company. All this to offer trust and credibility, the company to the user who sees the video, make it more known and then emphasizing its strengths. It is interesting to generate the convincing image that despite the inconveniences and mishaps the brand is consolidated, it has prestige in its market and offers guarantees for the future.

In our Ad Film Production Houses In Dubai we know how to produce these audiovisual contents, reports and others and we can offer video in report format or other styles, adapted to all types of companies, and budget. And for all kinds of offers of services or products. From filming and post-production or voice-overs, animation, etc.

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