Can anyone guide me how can I perform video streaming testing manually, using selenium webdriver and how can I measure its performance ?

Please, reply soon as possible…

Train Asked on October 15, 2014 in Selenium WebDriver.
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    Try running multiple threads at same instance . Set the timer for each thread so that we can track the total time taken for each thread.

    Now tracking the stream

    • Put timer at each step of video load
    • Track the busy image spinner which comes when you ¬†start to run a video.
    • Report the same when the image is cleared which means the streaming is started.
    • Now wait till the video is complete , ¬†which means there will some div elements constant coming up after the video stream is complete.
    • Track the same and report them at the end.
    • Try running more browsers, better way running parallel teste in TESTNG. or use Arraybockingqueues for multithreading.

    please get back to me if you face any issues.

    Supporter Answered on October 25, 2014.
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