3 Elements To a More Effective Logo Design

The logo is a concept, not a word, Logo is an art not a task. You can make wonders to happen with a logo or you can make a brand to be destroyed with a logo. How? Why? What? You might have these questions with you right now and here is an explanation to every such thing. Logo of a brand is the biggest communication and awareness tool they have got. A logo lets you get the attention and attraction of the customers with even doing a big marketing campaign. It is the first and most basic element for any brand’s marketing. So an effective logo and an effective logo design are important you see. But how can you get an effective logo design? Here are five simple steps or methods that can make you do it.

  1. Memorability

A logo design must be so amazing that it should make the viewers to remember it for a long time. When do you see a half bitten apple don’t you remember the iPhone? It is not only because they have good products. That is no doubt one of the reasons but their logo idea and design is also one of that reason that make you remember it. This is what an effective logo design did. You should also consider it while making an effective logo design.

  1. Simplicity, not complexity

Have you seen the logo of CocaCola? Isn’t it amazing? But that just has its company name written on it. Well, that is what an effective logo design is. A simple logo design makes the logo to be effective. Companies with only names on it logo also have the tendency to attract customers. Name logo makers can empower this basic rule where you put a name in the name logo maker and it creates a creative and powerful logo out of it. But a name logo maker is not the only thing that can make you have simplicity you can do with other innovative ideas as well. Complexity in the logo design can make people have difficulties in understanding it.

  1. Perfect colors

Your logo design must have good and vibrant colors that match your brand and should also be attractive. Unorthodox colors will make the logo to look like a bad example and remember that there are chances that your logo can become a meme for other to laugh. So choose your colors wisely.

If you have these three things in your logo design it possibly has the power to achieve goals that are attached to them. So next time you make a logo or get a logo maker to make one for you do make sure that your logo design has these elements.

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