RE: Termination process is not happing in maven

Generally I am using testng and when I terminate the process then execution of automation script stops but after integrating maven (Eclipse plug-in); I have shifted all my testsuite classes in test/java folder and also had changed the path of classes in testng.xml . Now when I run maven by pom.xml even after terminating the program my all the classes is executing(Even after exiting eclipse) . I have to log-off or end-process of java.exe to get rid from it.
It’s looking like mess to me. How I can configure maven for same
I did this  to integrate jenkins with maven . (If you have any other alternative then please let me know)

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Thanks for the reply victor

I have found out the solution for the above problem

use the forkcount for the same :-  <forkCount>0</forkCount>

My POM surefire section in xml :-

Train Answered on July 23, 2015.
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