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I am trying to click on add to cart from different pages. this works 1 in 5 times. rest of the times, i get stale element error.

Exception in thread “main” org.openqa.selenium.StaleElementReferenceException: stale element reference: element is not attached to the page document

Below is the click code i am trying to execute.

i have tried page refresh / maximize / full screen option before this code.

       WebElement ckAddTo1;

        WebDriverWait waitAdd = new WebDriverWait(driver, 10);

        ckAddTo1 = waitAdd.until(ExpectedConditions.elementToBeClickable(By.xpath(“//button[@class=’button button–green’ and @data-product-id =’221894′]”)));;




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i got this working by using try catch with multiple attempt.

Default Answered on March 19, 2018.
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