RE: Small clarification regarding Hybrid Frame Work

Hi Lakshay,

My Experience in Selenium is 3 days. I really thanks for sharing Good Knowledge base on Selenium Web Driver.

The instructions are very clear and precise.

Looking into your HybridFrameWork, I have customized framework according to my application , the only thing i was not able to locate is while parametrisation, In my excel i am having 3 records data, but while executing the testcase using Hybrid Frame Work it is not executing all the 3 rows  , ie it is executing only first row.

Can you please suggest or refer me how to parametrise ie to loop the data for all the rows to be executed using HybridFramework.

R Aravind

rekapalli Default Asked on December 1, 2014 in Selenium WebDriver.
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Thanks for the Update.

It helped me to loop all the rows in the excel.

But i have small issue

Assume we have 2 rows in excel and for first row i am getting error and the test is getting stopped with out executing the second row.

Is there any solution to run the second row also ,  if the first row gets failed .

Thanks in Advance.

R Aravind.

Default Answered on December 2, 2014.
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