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I have a Delete button that I click. When I do I get a modal popup with “Are you sure?”  followed by Ok /  Cancel  controls. I Can select the initial Delete but not sure how to select ‘Ok’ on the modal popup.

<input value=”Delete” class=”btn” title=”Delete” name=”delete” onclick=”if ((Modal.confirm &amp;&amp; Modal.confirm(‘Are you sure?’)) || (!Modal.confirm &amp;&amp; window.confirm(‘Are you sure?’))) navigateToUrl(‘/setup/own/deleteredirect.jsp?srKp=001&amp;srPos=0&amp;delID=00119000003kBGD&amp;retURL=%2F001%2Fo&amp;_CONFIRMATIONTOKEN=pV2MttmnuVookU9jJgi5t6V.WYdoUYfTke7RG_aoWvkb8gtqliYmmBdMpwqagqSYvTCpWm5B5FJzBf.5VDgvI6dE4AxSEQyIVpYf.fPXH8nfqzQq3f9FDmZU23VNIJ1lJ911a1ANwOXYfT27mOze5DS9Hvs%3D&amp;failRetURL=%2F00119000003kBGD%3FsrPos%3D0%26srKp%3D001′,’DETAIL’,’delete’);” type=”button”>

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Wow,  ok. So how did you know that? Experience in Java .. Selenium?

Train Answered on October 6, 2014.

If the above question is about to my answer then – These are the basics of selenium.Or is to “Virender” then he will reply to your question.

on October 6, 2014.
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