RE: Minimum number of testcase required for 100% statement coverage

If the pseudocode below were a programming language ,how many tests are
required to achieve 100% statement coverage?
1. If x=3 then
2. Display_messageX;
3. If y=2 then
4. Display_messageY;
5. Else
6. Display_messageZ;
7. Else
8. Display_messageZ;

According to me the answer should be 2 testcases

please assist with the correct answer

sandeep123 Default Asked on December 22, 2014 in Software Testing.
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Well, you have  the same result for Else condition for the second If, I would say that last Else Display_messageZ is unecessary  and step 7 and 8 should be ignored.  for Step 1 should be two test cases for when x value is 3 and when is not 3. For step 3, should be 1 test case for when y is 2 and another test case for when is different than  two and should Display_messageZ. I would go with 4 Test cases to test this functionality.

Train Answered on December 22, 2014.
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