RE: Limitations of Generic Codes in Modular Driven Framework?



Could you please let me know the limitations of “Generic Codes”  in “Modular Driven Framework”?.

Below question is the reason behind above question:

Rocky Doctor Asked on September 8, 2014 in Selenium WebDriver.
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Hi Rocky,

The limitations you have mentioned are actually not the limitations of the Modular Driven Framework.

Additional time is spent in analysing the test cases to identify with reusable flows.
LS : This is called investment, ROI. As this is just a onetime effort for that particular modular and after that you will be using it again and again & that would save a lot of time.
Otherwise automating applications also have the same limitation that it takes time to automate.

Test Data is hard coded within the scripts.
LS: Hard coding the test data in the modules is not mandatory and not the only option to deal with it. If in case you are referring my example in Modular Driven Framework, so that is just a step by step tutorial and till the Modular Driven framework chapter, Data driven technique was not implemented. If you visit later chapters you will see that we have used dynamic values in the modules.

Coming back to your question.
Yes there can be few limitations of Modular Driven technique but so far I have not faced any. Means nothing due to which I got stuck and I had to change my strategy. There are always ways to deal with the problems, and that is something common in automation.

Best Regards,
Lakshay Sharma

Professor Answered on September 10, 2014.
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