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As I’m learning more and more about Selenium, and building my own frameworks I am hearing more about the Continuous Integration tool called Jenkins.

Would someone be able to advise how Jenkins is integrated with Selenium, and what the main purpose of it is?

I’m also researching Selenium Grid, so that I may kick off automated tests on multiple machines. Would using Selenium Grid mean I no longer require Jenkins, or are the two used together?

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Andrew, Jenkins is a continuous integration tool. That is more like managing your build system. It will manage when and how your project code is build.
Now if your code builds everyday it needs some set of tests to verify that daily code checking is bug free. Jenkings allow you to attach the build process with some test mechanism which can be triggered after every build.

Now you can attach TestNg to you Jenkins build process and in turn TestNG can trigger your Selenium webdriver tests on grid.

Cut short you need both Jenkins and Grid as they both solve completely different set of problems.


Professor Answered on March 12, 2015.

Thanks Virender, that’s clarified a lot :-) Would I be right in saying that Jenkins is an equivalent to what TFS is in Visual Studio, so therefore would Jenkins not be required in Visual Studio?

I’ve been going through all the online tutorials on this wbsite, and they are all great. But in terms of the maximum return that comes back it appears that the TestNG route is most worthwhile. Based on what you are saying above, in terms of it’s integration with Jenkins, would you say that is the case?

Also, do you happen to have any video tutorials on either Selenium Grid and it’s integration with Jenkins? If so, I would be very interested to go through these.


on March 13, 2015.
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