RE: –ignore-certificate-errors —- when running in Chrome


When I open my app in Chrome I get:

“You are using an unsupported command-line flag: –ignore-certificate-errors. Stability and security will suffer”

My scripts seem to run fine but I would like to try and get rid of this message.

My chrome drive code is:

System.setProperty(“”,“C:/drivers/chromedriver.exe”);driver = new ChromeDriver();

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Hello Allen,

Please use below code.

System.setProperty(“”, (System.getProperty(“user.dir”)+”/chromedriver.exe”));
ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();
WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(options);

Vice Professor Answered on October 3, 2014.

Could you please accept the previously asked all your queries. And also if the above one is worked for you 🙂 .

on October 3, 2014.

Dr Sachin :),

I request you to use <> functionality to paste you code, so that it displays in coding format.

Lakshay Sharma

on October 3, 2014.

Sorry 🙁 LS, this mistake will not happen again.

on October 5, 2014.
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