RE: I have working with Hybrid framework , i want to change it into TestNG Frame work….any idea plz suggest me!!

My senior have designed following structure like
Driver — From driver excel sheet it will search for Yes or No execution scenarios
Test engine– It contains user defined functions
Read excel –Switch case used for fetching the user defined functions
Write excel– only for output (Result) purpose

This is my java class file in eclipse , here how can inject TestNg !!

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2 Answers

You can add TestNG as an eclipse plugin
Import testng annotations in java class

Use annotation @Before Class / @Before Test for driver instantiate method
Use annotation @After Class / @After Test for driver object destruction
User Annotation @test for test which u want to execute

OR in eclipse You can select class which you want to execute as testng and convert it to testng class



Supporter Answered on July 1, 2015.
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