RE: I can’t get my test result when i execute the test

NUnit VS Adapter discovering tests is started
Attempt to load assembly with unsupported test framework in  c:\users\user……….
NUnit VS Adapter discovering test is finished

FuzzyDud Default Asked on October 5, 2016 in Selenium WebDriver.
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I found out that there is compatibility issues with the older version and the latest version of NUnit.
i am working on the latest version of NUnit which is NUnit3.5.0 so for my test to execute without any exception error i had to  install NUnit Test Adapter 3.4.1.
so if anyone here having trouble executing their test then make sure your package configuration looks like this for the latest version of visual C# :
<package id=”NUnit” version=”3.5.0″ targetFramework=”net452″ />
<package id=”NUnit.ConsoleRunner” version=”3.4.1″ targetFramework=”net452″ />
<package id=”NUnit.Extension.NUnitProjectLoader” version=”3.4.1″ targetFramework=”net452″ />
<package id=”NUnit.Extension.NUnitV2Driver” version=”3.4.1″ targetFramework=”net452″ />
<package id=”NUnit.Extension.NUnitV2ResultWriter” version=”3.4.1″ targetFramework=”net452″ />
<package id=”NUnit.Extension.TeamCityEventListener” version=”1.0.1″ targetFramework=”net452″ />
<package id=”NUnit.Extension.VSProjectLoader” version=”3.4.1″ targetFramework=”net452″ />
<package id=”NUnit.Runners” version=”3.4.1″ targetFramework=”net452″ />
<package id=”NUnit3TestAdapter” version=”3.4.1″ targetFramework=”net452″ />
<package id=”Selenium.WebDriver” version=”2.53.1″ targetFramework=”net452″ />

Default Answered on October 5, 2016.
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