RE: How to write Relative Xpath

To choose the relative xpath, it is advisable to look for the recent Id attribute. Look below at the HTML code of the above screen shot.Locators-4

You can see the recent or last Id produced is ‘footer_nav‘. This id would be appropriate in this case, so a quality xpath will look like this:  //*[@id=’social-media’]/ul/li[3]/a

Did you notice the difference between the Absolute and Relative xpaths?

Absolute xpath: /html/body/div[2]/div/div/footer/section[3]/div/ul/li[3]/a

Relative xpath: //*[@id=’social-media’]/ul/li[3]/a

Here , I am not getting how you written Relative Xpath ?

Murali Train Asked on December 17, 2014 in Selenium WebDriver.
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Hi Rajesh

ThankQ, But I am not getting how

Relative xpath: //*[@id=’social-media’]/ul/li[3]/a

it is written manually ?

what is “social media” ? where we are getting “social media” from the above code ?

what is ul ? where we are getting?

what is li[3] ? where we are getting ?

what is a ? where we are getting ?

Train Answered on December 17, 2014.
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