RE: How to store generated reports on a Network drive thru pom.xml file..??


Hi All,
1.I have a requirement that the generated reports should get stored on a “Network drive”. Currently we are running the scripts for every one hour thru pom.xml batch file. So the reports should get generate accordingly and should be stored on Network drive.
We are not using Ant’s build.xml. So how can we achieve this thru pom.xml.. How can I mention the path in that file. Could you please help me on this..

2.How can I access the Network Drive which will ask login credentials through Java code.?

Thank you.

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Hi Ravindra

Regarding the question 1 , i think you already have some solution with build.xml
In maven there is way to run ant task , you need to add plugin to your pom.xml
More details on how to use the plugin can be found here :

Supporter Answered on November 7, 2014.
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